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last update august 11 2019


Welcome to the website of the Me and my Pal Tent, a Belgian-Flemish division of the Sons of the Desert.
Sons of the Desert is an international society with the goal of preserving the lives and works of Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy and making them (better) known to the general public.

The society’s name derives from the fraternity which the comedians belong to in the 1933
movie "Sons of the Desert". In order to stay loyal to the “desert” theme, each local division is called a “Tent”. At the moment, there are over 230 active Tents worldwide, whose members regularly gather to enjoy Laurel and Hardy films in a casual and friendly atmosphere.

“I think it’s important to realize that Sons of the Desert is not a fan club”, John McCabe, Laurel and Hardy’s biographer and founder of the Sons in 1965, clarifies. “The word ‘fan’ derives from ‘fanatic’, which I hope none of us are. I consider us people who have a certain affection towards Laurel and Hardy, and dare to go far in their knowledge, but always considering it has to remain fun.”

Disclaimer: The photos displayed in the galleries on this site are placed here purely for the enjoyment of all fans worldwide. "Me and my pal" tent figures as a section of Sons of the Desert which is a non-profit making organization and no money is made from the display of these images. Neither is the display of these photos intended to suggest that we possess copyright, and photos will be removed immediately if parties pictured in the photographs, or if parties who can demonstrate that they possess copyright, make such a request.

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