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Here comes very good news from Germany. For the first time the Sons of the Desert will get together in Berlin, the German capital will celebrate Stan and Babe. I don´t have to tell you about the big city that really never sleeps, pubs are open 24 hours, etc.

In June 2015, possibly the weekend of 18 to 20 June, we will get together for a festival with films, fun, music, tours and lots of everything. All German Sons are invited and of course you too. We have a lot to celebrate, Stan’s 125th birthday, he died 50 years ago, 30 years TWO TARS, the first German Tent and even my birthday will have a round figure(No, it is not 50).

The festival will take place round Berlins famous Potsdamer Platz, we have Berlin’s only cinema organ and there are pubs and hotels galore. The actual programme will be ready by June this year, the festival is a joint venture between the Berlin journalist and book author Christian Blees and the German "One good turn" - and "TWO TARS"-Tents. Hope to see you in the future, why not in Berlin!

Best wishes and plenty of Pom-Pom!

Wolfgang Günther

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