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Llandudno 2015 cancelled

Bad news reaches us from the United Kingdom. Eric Woods reports:

I'm sorry to say that I've cancelled
plans for the 11th European Convention which was to be held in Llandudno, at the end of August 2015.

I had budgeted for a minimum of 100 delegates, several more would have been a blessing, this has not happened.  The decision was taken before deposits were needed to secure the hotel rooms, entertainment, coaches etc.

At the end of February, there were a total of 26 folk who had paid a deposit, here's the breakdown:
UK - 7 people, Mainland Europe 15 people, and USA 4 people.

I have refunded in full the deposits held by me, I've asked Anton Huijps [mainland Europe] and Cliff Sawyer [USA] to do the same.

A shame, Llandudno is such a lovely part of the world, it would have been good for a European Convention, Oh well, come easy go easy.

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