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New Hal Roach Documentary

We are happy to celebrate this year the 100 th anniversary of Hal Roach as a producer!

What a luck that our documentary (in 90 minutes length) about the life and work of Hal Roach, his stars and competitors is finished and will have its premiere at tv ARTE in Germany and France at the
29th of May 2014 (a public holiday in Germany) at 15.50 o clock and will be broadcasted again at tv Arte at the 15th of June 2014 at 22.30 o clock and afterwards at the German tv stations ZDF and ZDFinfo. At the 29th of May ARTE will show first "Blockheads" and some "Our Gang" comedies before the documentary will be broadcasted.
The English title will probably be:

"The Lot of Fun: Where the movies learned to laugh"

It will take us some time for the english language version of the documentary:

Probably in the middle of 2014 we will bring out a Double-DVD-Box with the Director´s Cut of the documentary in a length of round about 110 - 120 minutes( 20 - 30 minutes longer than the tv cut) and a second DVD with probablay 60 - 70 minutes of Bonus Material (a lot of it never seen before footage etc.) and some rare postcards. The documentary will be in English, German and French language and regionfree.

The documentary tells the amazing story of the live and career of the legendary comedy producer Hal Roach and of his studios, his stars like Harold Lloyd, the "Our Gang" kids, Laurel & Hardy, Snub Pollard, Charley Chase, James Finlayson, Thelma Todd etc. and of his competitors like Mack Sennett, Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton or Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle.

The documentary features a lot of really funny clips from the movies of the comedy stars and a lot of interesting interviews with Hal Roach and Harold Lloyd, family members like Hal Roach’s daughters Jeanne and Maria, Hal Roach’s grandson Addison Randall, the granddaughter of Harold Lloyd, Suzanne Lloyd, Stan Laurel’s daughter Lois Laurel Hawes as well as with experts like Annette D´Agostino Lloyd, Richard W. Bann, Randy Skredvedt, Dr. Norbert Aping, Stefan Drößler, Bart Williams, Stan Taffel, Lou Sabini, Richard Correll, Tyler St. Mark, Marvin Paige or actors and comedians like Walter Matthau, Jean Darling, Sheila James Kuehl, Bill Minderhout, Chuck McCann, Barbara Luna, Olaf Schubert or the German comedy duo "Mundstuhl".

With kind Regards/
Mit freundlichem Gruß

Andreas Baum

You can watch the trailer here:
Note that the date of broadcast as mentioned in the trailer has changed into the new dates at the beginning of this article.

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