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The Battle of the Century finally complete?

Big and historic news has reached us! During a film identification workshop, organised by the American Library of Congress from June 11-13 in Culpeper, Virginia, was announced that the missing second reel from Laurel and Hardy’s classic film The Battle of the Century was discovered.

It is a 16mm printdown but one of exceptional quality. It was in Robert Youngson’s collection, the man who, with his compilation films, made Laurel and Hardy populair again in the 1950’s.
He saved the big pie fight at the end of The Battle of the Century by restoring it in time and thus keeping it safe for future generations. Who could ever imagine that the missing piece of the film was also in his collection? After Youngson’s death his collection passed through the hands of a few other collectors who did not have a clue. The private collector who owns it now found the missing piece a couple of months ago. It has been scanned and is likely to appear on DVD soon.

In the photo you see Laurel and Hardy with Eugene Pallette in a scene from the now discovered second reel of the film.

This is without a doubt fantastic news and the prospect of viewing The Battle of the Century in almost the same form as it was first seen in 1927 makes every Son’s heart beat a little faster.

To be continued, for sure!

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