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Dwain Smith R.I.P.
Dwain Smith passed away peacefully on 2nd December.
Dwain was born on 1st June 1925 in Brooklyn USA.
His daughter Barbara rightly recalls how people enjoyed his "wonderful sense of humor and love of fun".
Dwain was married to Elaine for 64 years until her death in 2012 and he is survived by their three children, Craig, Barbara and Penny.
Dwain joined the Sons of the Desert early in the 1970s and quickly made an indelible mark locally and internationally. He attended all twenty International Conventions.
He served as President of the New York Founding Tent from 1976 to 1980, helped organize the 1944 convention in New York and was the Corresponding Secretary “forever”.
In the late seventies I was a student at the university of Ghent and nearby was a movie theater with a film shop attached. It was there that I bought “Mr. Laurel & Mr. Hardy” by John McCabe. At the end of the book he mentions the Sons of the Desert as an international organisation and there was a contact address in New York. I wrote a letter to that address saying that I would very much like to become a member. John McCabe answered me and directed me to Roger Gordon and Dwain Smith.  Dwain sent me a nice letter back to tell me that I could become a member of the Tent for Out-of-Towners, a special branch of the New York Founding Tent for people who didn’t have a Tent nearby. He also gave me directions to start my own Tent which in 1985 I finally did.
He is already sadly missed. A very fine friend has left us.
Marc De Coninck
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