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2020: Providence
It has been unanimously decided during the last international convention in Cincinnati that the next world convention will take place in Providence, the capital of Rhode Island, The smallest of all the United States of America.
There wasn’t much choice, though. Lacking a real candidate to host, Cliff Sawyer of the Night Owls Tent stepped forward as a volunteer to take on the organising. He received the pineapple and posed with it with great pride.
The 22d international convention of the Sons of the Desert will take place from June 24 till 28, 2020. There is no logo yet, and no convention hotel either.
But Cliff already has some ideas for the programme, like a visit to Plymouth Rock, the place where the first Pilgrims and their ship ‘Mayflower’ landed in 1620. In 2020 it will the celebration of the 400th anniversary of the first English settlers to set foot upon American soil.
Also in the programme, probably, is a trip to the charming coastal city Newport with a visit to the summer residence of the immensely rich family Vanderbilt.
During the convention there might even be an Elvis impersonator, a live band, a real magician, a picnic on the grounds of the Night Owls’ meeting venue, etc.
Anyway, we wish Cliff Sawyer the best of luck in organising the event and as soon as there is more news, you can of course read it here.  
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