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The Music of  Laurel & Hardy
Over the years there have been written hundreds of books about Laurel and Hardy and many essays. But despite all that literature there remained an essential part of their films underexposed: the music that was used in their movies and I don't mean the music that was especially written for the movies by Marvin Hatley and Leroy Shield, but the songs and melodies that were sometimes centuries old when they were used or they were just the popular music of that time.
That is why I wanted to draw the attention to that music and I did that by means of a book. With this book I have satisfied many years of curiosity. Initially for myself but I hope that many other fans of Laurel & Hardy will also find an answer to their questions about that 'other' music that was used in the films of Stan and Ollie.
Merho, Belgium’s leading cartoonist of the comic strip ‘The Kiekeboes’ and Laurel & Hardy-enthusiast, was kind enough to write the foreword. I thank him for that with all my heart.
The book is available in a Dutch and an English version. It costs € 15,00. The book can be ordered by sending an e-mail to I will then inform you about the price, including shipping costs, and the account to which the payment must be done. After the payment has been received I will send the book by mail.
The book has been published in-house which means that it is not available in bookstores or at any online bookshop. It is also a limited edition – only 100 copies were made of each version – to the effect that it is a 'collector's item'.
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