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Bill Leavy and Jamie McKenna in Gent 2017

The 12 th European Convention of the Sons of the Desert in Gent in 2017 will see the return of two special guests.

Bill Leavy and Jamie McKenna are both alumni of Universal Studios Florida where they began performing together as "the Boys," Stan and Ollie.  Together, they have over twenty years’ experience combined playing the characters of Hollywood’s greatest comedy duo to delighted audiences from all over the globe.  Both Mr. Leavy and Mr. McKenna are professional actors with extensive performing credits in a variety of media: stage, film, television and digital.  

Jamie McKenna is a talented musician as well as being an accomplished actor.  He plays the bass fiddle in his band the Sweeney’s, a swamp-billy band he formed with other members of the Vagabond Troupe and is a gifted ukulele player.  He appears regularly in Civil War re-enactments, Renaissance Fairs, and in many other festivals and events.  In addition to his uncanny Oliver Hardy impersonation,
Mr. McKenna also portrays many other celebrities/historical figures, including Benny Hill,
Michael Moore, Benjamin Franklin and Captain E. J. Smith of RMS TITANIC fame!            

Bill Leavy studied improvisation with Orlando’s SAK Comedy Lab and with NYC’s Chicago City Limits.  He performs voice-overs for, among others, the Orlando swing band Swingerhead’s Michael Andrew.  When he wasn’t playing Stan opposite Jamie’s Ollie at Universal Studios,
Bill was traversing the space-time continuum as BACK TO THE FUTURE’s Doc Brown.  Mr. Leavy’s specialty is in mastering dialects, and in vocal impressions of a variety of celebrities.  He is a member of Mensa, the international High IQ society.  

Mr. Leavy and Mr. McKenna are regular guests of the Annual Oliver Hardy Festival in Harlem, GA, birthplace of Oliver Norvell Hardy and home of the Oliver Hardy Museum.  They continue to delight fans of Laurel and Hardy from around the world. They are both longtime members of the Sons of the Desert, the international appreciation society for Laurel and Hardy, and enthusiastically share their love of Stan and Ollie with fellow fans of "the Boys" and classic comedy buffs.  Their impersonation of Mr. Laurel and Mr. Hardy has garnered compliments from alumni of Hal Roach Studios, (the studio where Laurel and Hardy first teamed and made their classic comedies) including OUR GANG’s Jean Darling and Gordon "Porky" Lee!   



ChezKit is a cover band that brings you attractive ambiance music from the 1960’s till now.
Legendary covers and well known melodies of the best pop hits, rock, disco, funk and slows will make you want to dance all night.
The rich musical past of the 7 musicians garanty a sizzling live performance.

The Almost Swinging Jazz Band

The Almost Swinging Jazz Band is an authentic dixieland band that plays the typical jazz music of the 1920’s and 1930’s, always good-humoured and in impeccable  outfit.

The Almost Swinging Jazz Band brings primarily dixieland music (easy to digest feel-good jazz).

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